The Best Christmas Sandwiches And Burgers In London 2016

Helen Graves
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Last Updated 05 December 2016

The Best Christmas Sandwiches And Burgers In London 2016

We’ve already taken a look at the high street chain sandwich selection for 2016, now it’s time to look at the best of the rest. Yes, there are a couple of chains here but we include their festive offerings as a cut above the likes of Pret and Eat.

The magnificent Christmas sandwich from Original Fry Up Material.

Original Fry Up Material

These guys already make some of the best breakfast/brunch sandwiches in London and now they’ve made one of the best festive arrangements too. This impressive stack is made with sausage, bacon, grilled Raclette, bubble and squeak hash brown, cranberry vodka sauce, buttermilk fried turkey, gravy, Paxo and sourdough sauce. Wow. They win. If you want to eat it, then get yourself down to Peckham’s Pexmas market on the weekend 10–11 December, where it will be available as an off-menu special.

Original Fry Up Material, keep an eye on their Twitter for locations. Price: £10

Blacklock's Christmas sandwich.


Blacklock said that they don’t feel anything could ever top the Pret Christmas sandwich, which is, frankly, rubbish. It might be the best of the high street chain sandwiches but it’s never, ever going to be better than anything on this list. The Blacklock version contains turkey, which has been cooked over charcoal on their grill, Middlewhite back bacon, spiced cranberry ketchup and steamed greens in a demi brioche bun. You can also order some turkey gravy if you fancy a dunk. Get gobbling.

Blacklock, 24 Great Windmill Street, W1D 7LG. Price: £15

Get festive at Le Bun.

Le Bun

Le Bun has come up with a deer burger, which is a pine smoked venison and beef patty, creamy Roquefort cheese, smoked bacon, brussels sprout slaw, bone marrow and truffle jam, smoked ‘jus’ (so gravy, then) and a truffle mayo. Oof. With all that smoke, cheese, truffle and bone marrow, we predict you’ll need a festive nap after this one.

Le Bun, 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BJ. Price: £14

Lots of meat at De Beauvoir Deli.

The De Beauvoir Deli

The DB Deli take great pride in their Christmas sandwich, bringing back their super meaty arrangement every year. Inside you’ll find lots of roasted turkey meat, along with streaky bacon and stuffing, which is made with sausage meat, bacon and chestnuts. There’s also homemade cranberry sauce and mayo, a handful of mixed leaves and a choice of bread. We love the simplicity of this sandwich, alongside the generosity of filling and the old school vibes. One for the traditionalists among you.

The De Beauvoir Deli, 98 Southgate Road, N1 3JD. Price: £4.95

The XXXmas Burger at Meatliquor.


You can always rely on Meatliquor to put together a great burger. Their festive offering this year (the XXXmas burger) is made with free range turkey, an Old Spot pig patty, crispy bacon, stuffing crumbles, gravy and cranberry sauce. It’s unexpectedly traditional, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you don’t feel it’s sufficiently Meatliquor, order a Jagermeister ripple ice cream for pudding.

Meatliquor, see website for locations. Price: £9.50

It's Cheesemas at Byron.


The Cheesemas is back for 2016, still living up to its name. It contains two burgers, mature Cheddar, smoked bacon and onion relish, bacon island sauce (like Thousand Island with bacon), pickles and an onion ring. There’s also an option to add more food between that bun however if you choose to ‘mac it up’ which means they will add a splodge of smoked bacon macaroni cheese inside the onion ring on top. Why not?

Byron, see website for locations. Price: £12.95 or £13.95 with mac

Bird's giant Christmas sandwich.


The Chrimbo burger at Bird was really popular last year, so it returns for 2016. Inside that bun you will find cranberry sauce, fried chicken, sage and onion stuffing and panko crusted, deep fried Brie. There’s also a bacon jalapeño popper skewered in the top. It’s certainly festive with its side of parsnip crisps but we have to wonder… how on earth are you supposed to eat it?!

Bird, see website for locations. Price: £12.50