Want To Eat Crab Without The Hassle? Scuttle Down To Marylebone Restaurant Fancy Crab

Fancy Crab ★★★☆☆

Tabish Khan
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Want To Eat Crab Without The Hassle? Scuttle Down To Marylebone Restaurant Fancy Crab Fancy Crab 3
The nippy Singapore chilli crab.

Love eating crab, but put off by the fiddly process of scooping the meat out of the shell? Purists may scoff, but there's a strong argument against spending more time getting at your food than actually consuming it.

Scuttle forth Fancy Crab — a Marylebone restaurant which does offer a whole crab to crack away at for a cool £99 if you're so inclined, but also serves up its speciality red king crab in a variety of more accessible dishes.

King crab bonbons to kick off with.

With that promise of hassle-free crab eating, I dive in with some crab bonbons that are the right level of juiciness, even if the accompanying tomato marmalade is a bit too ketchup-like to make this dish stand out. The seared scallops, on the other hand, are a perfect blend of delicate flavours with the dusting of the parsley crumble gently counterbalancing the mollusc's squishy texture.

The Singapore chilli crab main dish brings a heat that really nips at the tongue. The taste delivers, though the chilli does overwhelm the crab at times — always a danger when mixing fiery and subtle ingredients.  The king crab burger is a hefty dish, even if it's outshone by the truffle fries that are positively oozing with oil — just the way truffle fries should be.  

As truffley as fries get.

The dishes at Fancy Crab don't come cheap, with the high prices justified by the fact that they source red king crabs — one of the largest and most valuable king crab species. However, if I compare this dinner to the crab dishes I've had in the past, the crab here really doesn't taste that different. I was expecting the king of crab dining experiences, and I've ended up with a minor royal instead.

Fancy Crab, Marylebone, 92 Wigmore St London W1U 3RD. The meal in this review cost circa £80 for two excluding drinks. We've also reviewed their bottomless brunch and that went down a treat.

Last Updated 11 December 2019