One Of Meghan Markle's Favourite Restaurants Honours Her With A Vegan Poutine

By Chloe ★★★★★

Harry Rosehill
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One Of Meghan Markle's Favourite Restaurants Honours Her With A Vegan Poutine By Chloe 5

By Chloe came over to London with a lot of hype. It's the favourite vegan restaurant of many celebrities stateside, one of whom is moving to Blighty pretty permanently. You might have heard of her. Meghan Markle.

Her favourite dish is poutine, so in honour of the Royal Wedding By Chloe has come up with a vegan version.

The poutine, while delicious, probably isn't technically poutine. Instead it resembles fries loaded with chilli, some sauces, and a touch of gravy. However, with vegan food the aim shouldn't be to recreate the exact flavour of a dish's non-vegan equivalent — but instead use the ingredients available to make the best food possible. In this regard the poutine — misleading nomenclature aside — heartily succeeds. The spicy seitan chorizo packs a serious punch, and blends with the fries and gravy well.

While we visited By Chloe for the royal poutine, we put to the test the rest of their menu. There are plenty of healthy options along side the vegan junk food. Despite grabbing a turmeric drink that pays homage to the former, our selections lean heavily toward the latter.

Perhaps even better than the Poutine is the pesto meatball sub — though it's an incredibly close-run thing between two powerful dishes. The sheer amount of flavour here is gobsmacking, and although things will get a little messy as you inevitably try to stretch your mouth around this beast, it's thoroughly satisfying.

The other two items we try, the guac burger and the mac'n'cheese, are both good, but they pale in comparison to the other two. Still, when the worst thing you eat at a meal is still pretty good, surely that's a sign that you've come somewhere special.

The ambience in the restaurant is lovely. When we pop in for a late lunch, it has just the right amount of buzz. The decor pops — we can't understate how much of a fan we are of the 'GUAC SAVE THE QUEEN' neon sign.

Before we leave we grab some cupcakes, and it's honestly hard to believe that they're vegan. Both the matcha blueberry variety and the chocless chocolate happily filled what tiny room we had left in our stomach. Overall a delightful experience fit either for a princess, and commoners like us.

By Chloe, 34-43 Russell Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5HA. The Royal Poutine is currently only available on Deliveroo.

Last Updated 15 May 2018