Eat A 41-Cheese Pizza For Free In Honour Of Eurovision

Harry Rosehill
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Eat A 41-Cheese Pizza For Free In Honour Of Eurovision

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You gouda brie kidding...

Someone has made an unholy Frankenstein's monster of a pizza in an effort to appease both the Eurovision and PR stunt deities. A pizza with 41 cheeses, one from each entrant in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Eat the 'Quarantuno Formaggi' at your own risk.

This beast comes courtesy of Baz and Fred's in Flat Iron Square who have teamed up with SpareRoom, because apparently flatsharers love pizza? Doesn't everyone just love pizza? These press releases get more tenuous by the day.

Is it just us who feel that once cooked it looks like a pretty normal pizza?

Let's run through a few of the cheeses involved. There are classics like Halloumi (Cyprus), Camembert (France), Gouda (Netherlands), along with some lesser-known fromages, Rossiyskiy (Moldova), Bryndza (Serbia) and Åseda Gräddost (Sweden) to name but a few.

The UK's entry for this bastardised pizza is Wensleydale. The cheese is rather like our Eurovision entrants come to think of it. Kind of decent, but the rest of the world has absolutely no interest in the stuff.

The pizza is free to eat on the day of the contest — 18 May, for you heretics who might have forgot — between 12.30pm-5pm and 6pm-10pm, on a first come first serve basis. You can order in person or online via Deliveroo. If you're more the going-out kind, check out these Eurovision parties in London.

Last Updated 15 May 2019

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