Zia Lucia's Pizza Is So Delicious It Makes Your Troubles Disappear While You Chew

Zia Lucia Aldgate ★★★★☆

Harry Rosehill
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Zia Lucia's Pizza Is So Delicious It Makes Your Troubles Disappear While You Chew Zia Lucia Aldgate 4
Photo: Haydon Perrier

The last restaurant I stepped inside was Zia Lucia in Aldgate.

A few weeks ago, I went along to the newest branch of the small but growing pizzeria chain, their first in a business-oriented district. The world wasn't quite "normal" at that stage. I washed my hands not long after ordering, and while I'd love to say I do this every time I step foot inside a restaurant, that isn't the case (sorry, Mum). We were in the early stages of coronavirus hitting London, and while nothing was yet unduly shut, there was an air of unease around the capital.

But that wasn't my focus. Instead, I was readying my mind for the meal I was about to eat. Things got off to a serviceable start as I tucked into my burrata and my guest enjoyed his salad. But our conversation kept drifting back to one topic. The coming storm. Glancing around at other tables it looked like the other diners were all going through the exact same thing.

But then something magical happened. Our pizza arrived and the world around us disappeared. I couldn't see any further than the melted gorgonzola, razor thin cut apple slices and dollops of truffle that sit atop the wholemeal dough. The pizza is titled the Andrea Pirlo, and it somehow manages to outdo the magical footballer for which it is named. The other day I found myself watching a Youtube compilation of the man's footballing achievements — for what else is there to do nowadays? — and my mouth started salivating. I started envisioning a world where people forget who this footballer was, for all they want is this pizza.

My guest had an equally delightful time with his pizza, the Paperon de Pepperoni. I know, because of how highly he talked of it, and how for those peaceful ten minutes we didn't speak once about the dreaded c word.

While Zia Lucia has shut its restaurant doors until some semblance of normal life returns, you can still forget about Covid-19 by getting one of its pizzas delivered to your door. They can transport you to another world. And that's something we can all do with right now.

Zia Lucia delivers from Aldgate, Holloway, Hammersmith and Wembley.

Last Updated 31 March 2020