Sandwich Sized Sushi Rolls At Inigo

Inigo, Soho ★★★★☆

Harry Rosehill
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Sandwich Sized Sushi Rolls At Inigo Inigo, Soho 4

Sushi rolls, while delicious, often leave us wanting more. They're just so tiny. Step forward Inigo, who are importing the popular Australian style sandwich sized sushi rolls. Finally, something that can match our appetite.

Making a bigger version of sushi does not automatically guarantee it will be tasty. Quality not quantity... yada yada yada. So what's inside these gargantuan cylinders? Well there's quite a range, from Poke Salmon to Teryiaki Beef. The Spicy Tuna and Miso Broccoli tickles our fancy, and boy does it deliver.

First the chef blowtorches each roll before they're served, giving our eyes something to feast on. Once you get your hands on the rolls, the flavours combine wonderfully, aided by sushi's traditional dance partner, soy sauce. One small complaint is that the construction of the spicy tuna roll lets it down a little — the centre is tough to bite off, which leads to us accidentally eating all of the tuna we still had some of the (now emptyish) roll left.

What a satisfying squeeze

Alongside the rolls there's a selection of salads and drinks to round out the experience. The burnt greens and vermicelli salad pot is simple in the best way —  no unnecessary complications to get in the way of the flavours. The Taiwanese aubergine salad isn't quite up to that standard. We're complete aubergine devotees, but even for us there's rather a lot of just aubergine. And it's noticeably salty. Still it had an addictive quality and we finish it all off.

This is all preceded by a warming miso soup and then accompanied by one of the many yuzu drinks on offer. For those who aren't acquainted with yuzu, it's a Japanese citrus fruit, and works well in a soft drink. The only part of the menu we don't try are the breakfast pots. It does seem a little odd for a place that's only open from noon on weekdays to serve these, but perhaps people in Soho are late risers.

Inigo, 33 Great Windmill Street, W1D 7LR, Monday-Friday, noon-6pm

Last Updated 27 November 2017