Patty & Bun's New Breakfast Menu Is Absolutely Filthy

Breakfast menu at Patty & Bun, Borough ★★★★☆

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Patty & Bun's New Breakfast Menu Is Absolutely Filthy Breakfast menu at Patty & Bun, Borough 4
We'll be riding out all future hangovers here. Photo: Londonist

Patty & Bun has extended its empire once again, this time with a new opening a short walk from London Bridge station. And yeah, yeah, burgers, fries, and all that. But we're here to talk about breakfast.

At street level, this branch looks like any other; geared towards takeaway diners, with boards above the tills displaying the menu, and a couple of bar stools in the window. Neon signs attract the attention of passers by. Head downstairs though, and it's a completely different vibe.

Gone is the madness of central London's pavements, replaced by a darkened, cavernous room filled with cosy tables. It is, we realise pretty quickly, the exact spot where we want to see out every hangover for the rest of our lives — dark, cool, with chilled out music and all the carbs we need.

Speaking of carbs, what about that breakfast menu? The Borough branch isn't the only Patty & Bun to offer breakfast, but it does have an exclusive menu. And by exclusive, we mean absolutely filthy.

The P&B Bacon, P&B Sausage and P&B Veggie buns which are served in other branches can also be found here, but we spot a couple of extra options on the bottom of the menu. The ETS Pot, of spinach, tomato and egg, will appease anyone looking for a healthy start to the day — but really, if you're at a burger restaurant for breakfast, your talk of being virtuous is fooling no-one.

We're here for the Filthy Animal; a sausage patty, a bacon patty, a fried egg, plus ketchup and 'brekkie sauce', all piled into one seeded bun, which makes for one hell of a start today.

The Filthy Animal, in all its glory

Regardless of whether you eat in or takeaway, your bun is served wrapped in brown paper. Egg yolk oozes out the side of the paper before we even touch it, which we should take as fair warning as to what was coming. We don't. Things get messy.

Biting into the burger, the combination of meat, bread, egg, ketchup and sauce hits the spot, in terms of both flavours and texture. Between the egg, the ketchup and that 'brekkie sauce' though (still no idea what's in it, but it's good), things get really slippery. We pride ourselves on never resorting to cutlery to eat burgers, but in the face of the Filthy Animal, we're defeated. The size of the burger is manageable, but the job of keeping the fillings in line is a task for a better person that us. The slip 'n' slide situation gets too much to handle and we dissect it before devouring.

Things get messy: we warned you. Photo: Londonist

Wiping the final bits of grease from our fingers and faces, we have to admit, this isn't the place to come for a business meeting, or a first date... or any situation which requires a modicum of decorum. But if it's a solid, greasy, messy start to the day you're after, Patty & Bun has you well and truly covered (in sauce).

It's for the best, for both our wallets and our waistlines that we don't commute through London Bridge every day. But those of you who do; you lucky, lucky things.

Patty & Bun Borough is now open at 19 Borough High Street, SE1 9SE. Breakfast is served 7am-10.30am, Monday- Friday.

Last Updated 01 November 2019