London's Got An Unlimited Negroni Fountain, And This Is Not A Drill

By Charlotte Maughan Jones Last edited 20 months ago
London's Got An Unlimited Negroni Fountain, And This Is Not A Drill
A beautifully tiled fountain with a lion spurting negroni out of its gob
Unlimited negronis for an hour - spat out of a lion's gob? We're sold. Photo: Taj Hotel

London loves its booze fountains — from Henry VIII's showy wine dispenser at Hampton Court, to an 18th century gin vending machine in the form of a cat.

Now add to that list a negroni fountain. Yup! you read that correctly. Every hipster's fave gin-based aperitivo is now free-flowing from a decorative fountain at St James' Court Hotel in Westminster.

A beautifully tiled, floral fountain, spurting bright orange negroni from the mouth of a lion
There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday evening. Photo: Taj Hotel

An ornamental lion's head spits out the orange nectar from the rather beautifully-presented (although alas temporary) courtyard fountain.

You can help yourself to negronis between 5pm-6pm every day from now until 25 September. (And when we say 'help yourself', it's £19 pp for unlimited negronis within the hour).

Just because it's self serve doesn't mean the garnishes have been forgotten; orange slices and ice are put on the side to allow you to finish off your cocktail just how you like it.

Two hands are seen exchanging an iced lolly on a wooden stick. The ice lolly is clear yellow and green inclusions within it. These are presumed to be gin and tonic lollies.
Gin and tonic ice lollies will also be available. Photo: Taj Hotel

And if that isn’t quite enough gin for you, G&T ice lollies are also be available to enjoy during those warm summer evenings.  

Just try to resist the temptation of going head first into that fountain.

Negroni fountain, 5pm-6pm daily till 25 September 2022, St. James' Court Hotel

Last Updated 23 August 2022