London's Most Expensive Food And Drink

By Sian Meades Last edited 19 months ago
London's Most Expensive Food And Drink
The B&B King at Sanderson's Purple Bar.

London has seen its share of food and drink gimmicks, and it's often the price that gets people talking: The kebab house in Canary Wharf selling £1,000 kebabs to bankers; Gordon Ramsay's £100 pizza, Chelsea diner Honky Tonk expecting people to fork out £1,100 for a burger. But of course, no one does really — more often than not it's a publicity stunt. That said, there are some very expensive items that have stood the test of time. Got money to spend? Here, let us help you with that.

The B&B King, Purple Bar at The Sanderson

The Sanderson certainly isn't a cheap place to grab a drink after work, but our love for Purple Bar is strong. Standard cocktails hit the £14 mark but the price of the B&B King is eye-watering in comparison. The 'most popular cocktail of the 1940s' (claims The Sanderson), this version is mixed with rare ingredients — a 1940s Martell Extra, and a bottle of unique benedictine from the same decade. It's £375.

Caterpillar soup, Royal China Club

We've long been fans of the Royal China chain, but the Royal China Club isn't like the other branches, it's the luxe version. And that means rice wine the same price as a small car, £350 abalone and — at £180 a pot — London's most expensive cuppa. It's also here that you can shell out £480 for caterpillar soup — so named because of the rare herb in it that resembles caterpillars.

The Sazerac, The American Bar at The Savoy

A £375 cocktail doesn't seem so expensive after a trip to The Savoy's American Bar for their five grand Sazerac. Again, it's all about the vintage ingredients — 1858 Sazerac de Forage and Peychaud bitters that date back to 1900. The bar staff will just make you a pretty good sazerac for under 20 quid, too. Just don't get tipsy and order the wrong one.

Oscietra Caviar Omelette, The Ritz

Sometimes we accidentally spend a little too much at brunch, but even we balked at the idea of spending £165 on an omelette. The Ritz put luxury Oscietra caviar in theirs. If you're not feeling that flush, how about the Perigord truffle version for £85?

£1000: Kobe beef at Sushisamba

Kobe Beef, Sushisamba

Don't worry about the £1,000 price tag for your kobe beef at Sushisamba — you get to split the cost with four friends. And, it comes with dipping sauces and pickled plums, too. Of course, you're paying for the highest quality beef in the world, and if you want just the tiniest taste to find out what all the fuss is about, a single kobe temaki hand roll will set you back £26.

The Wagyu Burger, The Bar at The Dorchester

Got a spare 50 quid to spend? Why not buy a burger? The Wagyu burger at The Bar in the Dorchester will set you back £45. The mayonnaise has truffles in it, and you do at least get a side of chips. You can get a soft drink with your spare change but you won't have enough for a beer — it's £8 for a Peroni.

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Last Updated 11 August 2017