Eat Pizza To Fight Homelessness At This Amazing Pizza Joint In Brixton

Share A Slice, Pop Brixton ★★★★☆

Harry Rosehill
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Eat Pizza To Fight Homelessness At This Amazing Pizza Joint In Brixton Share A Slice, Pop Brixton 4

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Eating pizza can make you feel bad about yourself. It's a dish synonymous with slouching in front of the TV, and ending up with a heavy bellyful of dough and cheese.

Enter Share A Slice — one pizza place that'll leave you feeling good. The unique pizza joint — located in the stacked shipping container paradise of Pop Brixton — is also a social enterprise. For every pizza bought, Share A Slice makes and donates one to homeless Londoners, through two charitable partners.

Not that charity is about making you feel good about yourself; the priority here is knowing that by feeding yourself, you're also feeding someone more vulnerable than you.

And by the way — the pizza's rather exquisite too.

Founders, Raj and Sandeep, trained for a month in Naples to learn the art of making pizza the proper way. Quality Neapolitan pizza leans heavily on one major aspect: the dough. Share A Slice's is divine: just the right amount of chew and fluff. Lift up your slice and inspect underneath for tiny burnt patches. Burning immediately signals DISASTER in most cuisines, but in the world of pizza, these small splotches are marks of quality.

To top it, there's a range of classic, well, toppings. We tried the classic margherita (always the best way to judge a pizza joint) and the fungi, a white pizza topped with 'shrooms and truffle oil. Tasty and filling, they're everything pizzas should be. And, because of their social conscience, a lot more besides.

Share A Slice, Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PQ

Last Updated 18 September 2019