Get Ready For A Mad Scramble: Gingerline Have Announced Their Next Ticket Release Date

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Get Ready For A Mad Scramble: Gingerline Have Announced Their Next Ticket Release Date
Some of the steampunk-ish set from the previous Chambers of Flavour series of supperclubs. Photo by Emma Nathan.

Big news for fans of interdimensional dining: we can confirm the next ticket release for Gingerline's Chambers of Flavour V3 supperclub is coming on 9 May, at midday.

You can read more about the background to Gingerline in our longer article here — and if you're hoping to snag a spot, it's worth noting that ticket release dates are usually met with a mad scramble and Glasto-levels of browser refreshing. Previous ticket releases for this latest V3 series of events have sold out in minutes.

That's partly down to their loyal following. On our visit at least half of the people we're grouped together with are CoF returnees, giving the event a camaraderie-meets-cultish feel. This is our second time into the brightly-coloured psyche of the Gingerline crew, and it's broadly similar to our first. Same overarching theme, the same steampunk-ish set design to the welcome room. And the same secrecy about what happens after you leave the welcome room and the portal doors swing shut behind you...

Though its energetic, kidulting vibe has stayed the same, there are differences to the details: the characters you meet on your interdimensional journey are new, and the same goes for the sets. It's not going to be everybody's cup of tea (or in everybody's price range), but it's immersive, fast-paced, ambitious — and, importantly, delicious; we reckon the food's even better this time round.

Not a surprise they keep selling out so quickly. Their tagline's 'Only The Brave Will Dine' — but Only The Quick And Well-Prepared might be nearer the mark.

The next ticket release for Chambers of Flavour v3 is on 9 May at midday. Tickets start at £50 and include six courses and a welcome drink — you can book them here.

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