Festa Sul Prato Is A Gem Hiding In Plain Sight

Festa sul Prato ★★★★☆

Harry Rosehill
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Festa Sul Prato Is A Gem Hiding In Plain Sight Festa sul Prato 4

Folkestone Gardens is an unassuming park sandwiched between two railway lines. It's rather small but has a lot going for it: a playground, a skatepark, a picturesque pond, and most importantly a fantastic restaurant/cafe hybrid tucked away in the corner.

The building Festa sul Prato inhabits was once the park's public loos, but unlike other former toilet conversions that embrace their lavatory past, is now unrecognisable. It's sleek and modern, and with plenty of floor to rooftop windows, bathed in light.

After much deliberation thanks to a throughly tempting menu, we go for the ratatouille with crostinis, while our guest chooses the pan fried chicked with chorizo.

Our food takes a little longer than we'd like — and from what we saw we weren't the only ones left waiting — but is well worth it in the end. The ratatouille is beautifully presented, it feels like a crime when we cut into it and knock over the carefully stacked vegetables. Both dishes are great, with a home-cooked vibe. That's not to suggest they taste amateurish, just crafted with a delicate care.

We taste the two cheesecakes afterwards, a chocolate one and a raspberry one. The chocolate cheesecake is incredibly rich but gets the job done, whereas its raspberry counterpart dazzles our taste buds with its perfect flavour balance. We round things off with a delightful matcha latte.

It's such a lovely space we're in no rush to leave — this is the perfect restaurant to take it slow and catch-up with an old friend.

Festa sul Prato, 222 Trundleys Road, Deptford, SE8 5JE, Tuesday-Sunday but dinner only Thursday-Saturday

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