Draft House Proves That Vegan Doesn't Have To Mean Healthy (And That's A Good Thing)

Draft House, Camden Road ★★★★★

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 77 months ago

Last Updated 08 January 2018

Draft House Proves That Vegan Doesn't Have To Mean Healthy (And That's A Good Thing) Draft House, Camden Road 5

Many vegan cynics believe that the diet is simply a byword for healthy living. To some this is true, but to others they're vegan for ethical reasons and wouldn't mind the occasional bit of grease in their life. Scratch that, they're dying for some greasy food. Do not fear, vegans. Draft House has come through for you, with the quality of its vegan food matching its impeccable beer selection.

We start with the Buffalo Cauli-Wings with Frank's Hot Sauce, and cannot overstate how delicious they are. Battered pieces of cauliflower have the ideal consistency of crunch and chew, while the spicy hot sauce brings the flavour. For mains, we check out the Breaded Oyster Mushroom Sandwich and the Veggie Aussie Lot Burger — tonight our party contains one vegan and one veggie. The vegan sandwich is the bomb, the mango chutney providing the ideal sweet kick to balance out the mushroom inside. The Aussie Lot burger is so tall we can barely stretch our mouth around it — that's a good thing. The yolk of the fried egg gently slides out when we reach it, a perfect complement to the (fake) meaty burger it lathers.

There's just so much of everything (yes we know not everything in this picture is vegan)

Both dishes come with a side of fries and by the end of the evening the food, combined with a few pints, forces us to waddle out. This food is unlikely to win any big awards, but it's exactly what it needs to be for a pub doing a few vegan options, so there's a huge satisfied smile etched across our faces as we leave.

Perhaps the only downside is there's still a lack of vegan options — just one starter and two mains. Perhaps a vegan burger on the menu wouldn't go amiss along with another starter. Still, things have clearly come along way, when we're complaining about there only being three vegan options on the menu, when a few years ago there'd have been zilch. Sorry haters, veganism is here to stay.

Draft House Camden Road, 102-104 Camden Road, NW1 9EA, though there are similar options at all their London branches.