Canvas Cafe: The Perfect Place To Grab Vegan Grub While Working

Canvas Cafe ★★★★☆

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 60 months ago

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Canvas Cafe: The Perfect Place To Grab Vegan Grub While Working Canvas Cafe 4

We're in an eerily quiet a room dominated by people working on their laptops. This is an increasingly common café scene in 21st century London, although we hadn't quite expected it at 8pm on a Friday evening. 3pm Wednesday, sure, but a Friday night. Isn't everyone letting their hair down right now? At least that's what we've come here to do.

Last time we came to Canvas, the place had just gone vegan. We delighted in what we believe is London's reigning champ vegan fish and chips. That's still on the menu, but we were here to see if the new additions live up to the same standards. We opt for the two burger options; the pulled jackfruit, and the spicy bean burger.

While we wait for the food to arrive we survey the room once more. It's livened up a bit, thanks to some other punters actually *whisper it* talking. But the laptop brigade are still out in force. So the buzz isn't quite what we'd expect, but that's not the most important part of the equation when you've come to eat. The food is — shocking, we know.

And perhaps this is why the room is so quiet. Everyone is just so satisfied with what they've eaten. The pulled jackfruit burger bangs with flavour thanks to its sauciness. The spicy bean burger comes with the right portion of kick, and melts in the mouth. Even the buns are worth a shoutout, seeded beauties that they are. Everything adds heft, without feeling unhealthy. Washed down with cocktails and beer, this is what we want at the start of a Friday. If only the atmosphere could match it.

Lesson learnt. Next time we're looking for a cafe in Shoreditch to grab a bite from and work in, we're sorted. When we're looking to kickstart the weekend we might head elsewhere. If only elsewhere had such reliably good food.

Canvas Cafe, 42 Hanbury Street, E1 5JL

Last Updated 15 February 2019