Is This The Food Delivery Of The Future?

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Is This The Food Delivery Of The Future?

Just when we thought lockdown had showed us every kind of food delivery service out there, comes a new kid on the block. And this one's going to add some tech to your picnic.

Patty kings Honest Burgers have partnered with poetic geocode system what3words to bring you the most location-precise delivery service we know of.  

Sorry, what?

what3words, for those who've never browsed its oddly lyrical service, is a system assigning a random and unique string of three words to 3x3 square metre sections of the world: the Statue of Liberty's head, for example, is forever at The generative organs of the Cerne Abbas Giant can be found, evocatively, at layered.bashed.mammoths... and you can read more about our what3words browse through London landmarks here.

But for picnicking purposes, all you need to know is that rather than having to order to some clear meeting point or landmark, you can now get your Honest delivery sped to any featureless square of grass you happen to have flung your picnic blanket across.

Launching today — and currently just running in Clapham, for a few days — this looks like the picnic delivery of the future.

How does it work?

Find your picnic spot on the Common, be it a pondside bench, London's largest bandstand, or a random square of grass indistinguishable from the other thousand square metres around it. Open a chat on the Honest Burgers website/search for 'Honest Burgers on the Common' in Facebook Messenger.

They'll take your food order, and ping you a link for you to find your current what3words location — delivery's free for orders over £15.

Then you just sit back and wait for somebody to wander up to you bearing burgers.

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Last Updated 17 September 2020