A Floating Bakery Has Popped Up On Regent's Canal

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 14 months ago
A Floating Bakery Has Popped Up On Regent's Canal

Plenty of Londoners took up baking during lockdown, but not many went as far as Jeremy Huguet and Lindsay Morel-Huguet, whose brand new Boulangerie Flottante puts all those limp loaves of banana bread to shame.

The French couple have created a new floating bakery — selling fresh, handmade bread and pastries from their houseboat on Regent's Canal. Jeremy, a former chef at Covent Garden’s Clos Maggiore, used online tutorials to gain patisserie skills whilst on furlough. He and Lindsay soon began offering the fruits of their labour to their canalside neighbours, and have since launched a delivery service.

Boulangerie Flottante offers a simple menu of baguettes, focaccia, sourdough, and rye breads — plus classic French pastries including pain au chocolat and brioche for those with a sweet-tooth. You can get your mitts on them by ordering online or over the phone (details here), or simply sidle up to the boat's hatch and collect them for yourself. The boat does move around, though, so you'll want to contact the bakery in advance before heading out.

Last Updated 17 July 2020