This Year's Meatopia Festival Looks Absolutely Smokin'

By Maire Rose Connor Last edited 59 months ago

Last Updated 26 July 2019

This Year's Meatopia Festival Looks Absolutely Smokin'

Satisfy all your umami-based cravings at a festival of meat, drink, fire and music this August.

Meatopia is basically a weekend-long outdoor BBQ party. But don't go expecting any old supermarket sausages or pre-packaged kebabs: these guys are deadly serious about meat...

...See what we mean?

Here's the lowdown: each day, 25 incredible chefs from illustrious eateries including Smokestak, Pilgrim, Hawksmoor, and Hicce cook up their own unique creations over open fire, right in front of you. If you like what you see, you can nab 'em for just one Meatbuck — current exchange rate £5.50 — per dish. Each of these are starter-sized, so you can sample plenty before the meat sweats start to set in.

As well as access to some incredible dishes, your ticket gets you some banging beats. Groove along to the likes of Das Brass, Mariarchi Las Adelitas, and DJ Tofu, whose stage name makes us wonder whether he's perhaps at the wrong festival.

It probably goes without saying that Meatopia isn't for vegetarians or vegans (the website FAQs tease that there might be "one" veggie option available). But there is a focus on ethically-sourced and sustainable meat, and the festival encourages meat eaters to celebrate the whole of the animal. So expect nose-to-tail cuisine that looks beyond the prime cuts.  

Salivating already? Hurry up and book your tickets before they're all snapped up (Saturday is unfortunately already sold out). Prices start at £22.50.

Meatopia is at Tobacco Dock, 30 August-1 Septemer 2019. All images courtesy of Meatopia.