In Pictures: Films Set In London

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In Pictures: Films Set In London

London, with its historic buildings and diverse streetscapes, is a favourite location for movie makers. Many films are shot here even if they're not supposed to be set in the city. Here's a roundup of some old favourites.

Fever Pitch: a must-see for any Arsenal fan
Source Buzzfeed
Bridget Jones' Diary
Source Spokeo
An Education
Source Pinterest
Withnail and I
Source Zavvi
Match Point
Source Espaciollenovacio
An American Werewolf in London
Source Aintitcool
V for Vendetta
Source Philipcoppens
Notting Hill
Source Visitlondon
Tom Hardy plays both Kray twins in the 2015 film Legend
Source Markharrisonreviews
It mostly uses obvious film sets, but Mary Poppins is nevertheless a London classic
Source Robindegroot
Happy Go Lucky features the streets of Camden
Source Filmcrithulk
Les Miserables, another film to use the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich despite being set in Paris!
Source Pinterest
28 Days Later
Source Soundonsight
Gulliver's Travels made use of the Old Naval College in Greenwich
Source Visitlondon
Sliding Doors
Source Merovee
Filming Withnail and I c. 1986
Source Classic Pics
Harry Potter
Source Geekmom
Sliding Doors
Source Freelanceflaneur
Harry Potter
Source Complex
Darth Vader and two stormtroopers stand menacingly over road works on Oxford Street, 31 March 1980
Source Londonhistorian
Captain America filmed in Trafalgar Square
Source Marketsaw
One Chance filmed a scene in east London's Bethnal Green Working Men's Club
Source Bbc
Another shot from Bridget Jones
Source Goeuro
Mary Poppins
Source Wikia
The original version of Alfie, near Tower Bridge
Source Alyssawrites
Michael Caine as Alfie in Atlantic Road, 1966
Source Urban75
David Hemings filming Blow-Up, Limehouse, 1966
Source Pinterest
The Bourne Ultimatum begins in Waterloo Station
Source Moviescopemag
Aldwych used as a filming location for V for Vendetta
Source Weburbanist
Thor, The Dark World also filmed at Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Source Digitalspy
Source Ufunk
The Da Vinci Code
Source Visitlondon
Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Source Ifc
Source Chicrumors
Classic 60s film Blow-Up
Source Weebly
Captain America filmed in Trafalgar Square
Source Marketsaw
Bridget Jones in Borough Market
Source Pinterest
Quadrophenia (taken on the Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush)
Source Old London
Skyfall also visited the National Gallery. Here's Daniel Craig studying a Turner
Source Jamesbondlifestyle
Shaun of the Dead
Source Mwidlake
Children of Men fuses the interior of the Tate Modern with the exterior of Battersea Power Station
Source Charneira
The Parent Trap
Source Cotedetexas
Somers Town
Source Jigsawlounge
Children of Men made memorable use of Battersea Power Station, complete with flying pig
Source Charneira
Julia Roberts and Clive Owen in Closer
Source Visitlondon
Source Visitlondon
Love Actually
Source Buzzfeed
Domhnall Gleeson taking the tube in About Time
Source Visitlondon
Harry Potter's Platform Nine and Three Quarters, King's Cross
Source Comforttour
Skyfall made use of the Westminster skyline
Source Thelocationguide
Peter Pan
Source Wikia
Truly Madly Deeply (1990)
Source Nomadic Writer
28 Days Later (2002)
Source Secret Cinema
28 Days Later (2002)
Source Pearl & Dean
James Bond
Source London
Withnail And I
Source Caselyhayfordlondon
Withnail and I
Source Buzzfeed

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