Doctor Who TARDIS And Sculpture Appear On South Bank

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Last Updated 12 December 2023

Doctor Who TARDIS And Sculpture Appear On South Bank
Ncuti Gutwa sculpture next to a tardis on londons south bank

See David Tennant regenerate into Ncuti Gatwa... on the South Bank.

The TARDIS has landed on London's South Bank, alongside a rather remarkable sculpture. The 2.5-metre tall  Art of Regeneration installation shows the face of David Tennant from one angle but move a little to the right and it morphs into the visage of Ncuti Gutwa, the latest actor to take on the role. The sculpture represents the character's regeneration, but its spatial complexity also smacks of 'bigger on the inside' dimensional meddling — a famous trick of the TARDIS.

The sculpture has still further depths. It's entirely made from salvaged tech, giving a secondary meaning to the word 'regeneration'. It was built by our friends at Global Street Art in conjunction with BBC Studios and refurbed tech specialists Back Market, and is emblematic of the "estimated 100 tonnes of e-waste thrown into landfill (globally) every minute".

David Tennant and Tardis on the south bank
The sculpture morphs between the 14th and 15th Doctors, depending where you stand.

The sculpture will be on display until Monday 11 December when it'll be moved to the BBC. Sadly, the attendant TARDIS isn't sticking around so long, and will have probably dematerialised by the time you read this.

Art of Regeneration is on the South Bank near the OXO Tower until 8pm on 11 December. A cosplay photocall takes place on Saturday 9 December at noon, while on Sunday the two Doctors' sonic screwdrivers will be on show between 11am and noon.