What's The Nicest Thing A Londoner Has Done For You?

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What's The Nicest Thing A Londoner Has Done For You?

Londoners aren't all bad, you know. Here, Londonist readers tell us their stories of heroic deeds from those who've stepped out of the shadows when they were needed most. Got your own story to add? Tell us in the comments below.

Luggage angel

A very kind man saw my mum waiting at the bottom landing of stairs at Great Portland Street for me to come back down to help her up with her luggage after I had first taken mine up, but by the time I turned around, he was already carrying her massive case up for us. This was not the first time a kind London man has helped me or a friend up the sometimes-difficult older stairs-only stations. Though I've never asked for help, I'm always so appreciative! — Robyn Glessner

Oyster saviour

Lost my Oyster card in the bus with my name on it but not registered — a girl found it, searched my name on Facebook and mailed my the card! Thanks again to that beautiful soul! — Jana Kästle

Tissues and a pep talk

I'd had a big row with my boyfriend and was trying to not attract attention to myself crying on the tube. One man noticed and asked what was wrong and tried to cheer me up. Someone else gave me a tissue. Everyone sitting near me said goodbye and waved when I got off the tube, and then another man who'd been sitting nearby gave me a pep talk all the way up the escalator in the station. But thankfully the argument got sorted out a couple of days later. — Tamsin Spargo

Coffee on the house

A woman at King's Cross station very kindly gave us two lattes from Caffe Nero last Friday because she and her partner had accidentally duplicated. She said "Happy Friday"... it was. Thank you. — Sanchi Murison

A generous cabbie

Photo: Peter Denton

We were running late for the theatre and hailed a cab. The cabbie was telling us that he was off to Barcelona and we gave him a few tips about what to do and where to go. He was so grateful he didn't charge us the fare! Nice guy. — Polly Dymock

Those badges are working

Actually offered me a seat on a bus when I was wearing a TfL 'Please offer me a seat' badge. — Jeane Mary

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