London Is Expensive

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London Is Expensive

Between the beautiful millionaire's mansions and the most depressing holes advertised as 'studio apartments', we don't know whether this window into expensive London makes us want to laugh or cry.

No, wait. The average price for a pint in London is now more than £6.

Six quid. Cry it is.

£1.49 each for a strawberry? Are you sure?!
Source Londonist
This is what the Monopoly board looks like with today's rental prices.
Source Londonist
Depressing reading: London poverty research findings.
Source Trust for London
Going for a pint will bankrupt you and all of your future children.
Source Kgf Classic Cars
Living near a London Waitrose apparently boosts the value of your home 'by £39k'.
Source Evening Standard
A London estate agent has defended this £804 per month 'flat' where the bed and kitchen are all in one room.
Source The Independent
London house prices. Blue - You can't afford it. Red - Nobody can afford it. Yellow - God can't afford it.
Source Ben Mathis
Bleak billboards in London tell the sad stories of people priced out of the city.
Source Adweek
First-time buyers faced house prices 2.6 times their average earnings in 1995. Now its nine times higher.
Source Noble Francis
This tiny flat in Soho was rented out after 40 minutes on the market for £1,560 a month.
Source Evening Standard
My small flat in Soho
Source Arthur Smith
It's clearly a garage. But no, in London it's a studio flat onsale for £117,000
Source Skint London Mag
London train ticket prices have rocketed under private ownership.
Source Ann Pettifor
The average monthly rent for a two bed in London is now £1,480 - three times the price in the north.
Source James Plunkett
This is what constitutes a 'studio' flat in London now.
Source Will Coldwell
The world's most expensive lavender?
Source Cocosteaparty
The world's most expensive apartment goes on sale for £75m; and it's in London.
Source Gcb Recruitment
Former Russian Senator Andrey Guryev has bought the most expensive mansion in London.
Source Julia Davis
Source Supercarsoflondon
This 3m by 3m flat has been condemned by a London council as being worse than a prison cell.
Source The Guardian

Last Updated 27 January 2017