Is This What London Will Look Like In 2117?

By Zoe Craig Last edited 82 months ago
Is This What London Will Look Like In 2117?

Ever thought about what London might look like 100 years from now?

This artist has, and here are the results.

For starters, it looks a bit like Renzo Piano has rather run out of ideas.

Sure, the Shard's futuristic shape is popular, but it's not that popular.

Then there are the worrying weather conditions over Piccadilly Circus.

We don't know about you, but that looks rain looks a bit toxic.

And we can't help feeling those buses might be being driven by replicants.

Then there's the clock face of Big Ben / the Elizabeth Tower that seems to have been replaced by a 1980s Casio wristwatch.

But it's impressive how the Palace of Westminster has now been turned into one long advertising hoarding. Maybe that's how they paid for the renovations in the end...

As for Buckingham Palace... we're just not sure quite what's going on here.

But we presume the Queen's/King's pad is enhanced by having a replica of the Lord's Press Box overlooking the back garden.

Finally, we just can't work out why the Gherkin needs to fly in the 22nd century, but here it is anyway:

These images of futuristic London were created to promote a new London challenge activity: Game of Zones.

Inspired by classic 90s show, The Crystal Maze, the new activity sees players race around London across four zones – Futuristic, Medieval, Industrial and Ocean – completing interactive and fun challenges.

Last Updated 04 April 2017