You Can Now Drink In A Trendy Cocktail Bar In Camden's Loos

Harry Rosehill
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You Can Now Drink In A Trendy Cocktail Bar In Camden's Loos
Camden Ladies & Gentlemen

Drinking booze makes people need the loo. Simple biology. That's why we think it's great that so many bars are coming round to the possibility of bringing alcohol to the loo. Case in point, wittily-named cocktail bar Ladies & Gentlemen.

We should explain. Ladies in Gentlemen is housed in what was once a Victorian loo, which fell into disuse. The team from L&G have done it up, but didn't want to change too much and lose some of that loo-ey charm. Hopefully that classic public toilet smell of stale bleach is gone.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Camden

Does the bar's name ring a bell? That's because it's a sister venue to the extremely popular Ladies & Gentlemen that's just down the road in Kentish Town, also housed in a disused loo. So this is actually Ladies & Gentlemen number two (sorry, not sorry).

The bar has a gargantuan cocktail list, some of which are made from low-alcohol and vegan-friendly spirits. Gotta appeal to that millennial market these days.

Ladies & Gentlemen is open 5pm-midnight, Tuesday-Saturday and 5pm-11pm on Sundays. It's tucked away just behind Camden Road Station.

Ladies & Gentlemen isn't the only toilet block in London fit for drinking in. Check our round-up of them here.

Last Updated 31 January 2019