Pictures Of Lego Men Drinking Beer

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Pictures Of Lego Men Drinking Beer

"It was all quite accidental," says Tom Delcourt AKA Beer Farts. "I was bought a Lego set as a joke which I included in an Instagram post along with a beer I was drinking that day."

"So many of my friends liked the post I did it again, and it went from there."

"Here I am now with a kitchen full of beer and a living room full of Lego."

Judging from the way the Lego figures reflect and mimic each beer and brewery, you'd think Tom had a sweet deal with Lego — not so. "There's such a vast range of Lego characters that it's pretty easy to find one to fit in with the beer I'm drinking," he says.

"Lego haven't sent me anything to date (as much as I wish they would). I get everything myself from Lego stores, toy and charity shops."

"The hardest thing is sometimes coming up with a good theme, but the names of the beers — and a beer itself — usually help get the creative juices flowing!"

"The range of Lego enables me to create just about any kind of scenario, which is great given the creative names given to beers nowadays."

"I also think the playfulness of Lego cuts through some of the pretentiousness that you can get in the craft beer world."

Tom has created playful scenes for beers from across the world — a gun-toting Santa poses next to a bottle of Lervig's Smokes Like Christmas, from Norway. Barcelona's Naparbier brewery has produced a brew called Mad Clown; Tom perches Krusty the Clown, custard pie at the ready, next to this can.

Of course, us being Londonist, we're only showing you the London breweries.

Has Tom managed to cover all of our capital's fine breweries yet? "I'd honestly never really considered covering every London brewery, but that sounds like a great idea," he says.

"There are so many great breweries in London now, I think it only right I include every one. Challenge accepted."

And what's his personal fave? "Gipsy Hill Brewing Co. I was a fan of their beers from the moment they started. They have a solid range of sessionable beers that includes quite possibly the best Session IPA brewed in the UK."

You can see more of Tom's Lego/beer montages on his Instagram.

Or follow him on Twitter.

But it's only right, given Tom's preferred brewery, that we end on this one:

All images © Tom Delcourt.

Last Updated 20 December 2016