Time Please! Fuller's Brewery Sells Up To Japanese Company

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Time Please! Fuller's Brewery Sells Up To Japanese Company
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Fuller, Smith & Turner — the 174-year-old brewing company famous for making London Pride — is selling up to to Japanese company Asahi.

The entire brewing business will be sold to Asahi for £250m, as Fuller's turns its focus to operating pubs and hotels.

Annoying adverts? They've had a few

Synonymous with London and the River Thames, Fuller's brews at the bucolic Griffin brewery in Chiswick, which sometimes features in its adverts (when James May's not flashing him smug mug).

What does this all mean for London Pride-loving (or in our case, Vintage Ale-loving) drinkers? Probably not all that much. Asahi will continue to brew at the historic brewery, and it's unlikely that recipes will be toyed with. Fuller's pubs will stay open, and Fuller's beer will still be served there.

Meaning we can all go on supping warm pints of overrated Pride.

Last Updated 25 January 2019