You Can Drink Your Pint Stark Naked In This Soho Pub

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 19 months ago
You Can Drink Your Pint Stark Naked In This Soho Pub
Reminds us of a certain Monty Python sketch

Walk into any London boozer wearing nothing but a grin, and you'll be out on your ear before you've had the chance to order. But now, one Soho pub is actively encouraging its customers to get clothes-less.

Norman's Coach and Horses in Soho — already famed for its piano singalongs, Private Eye lunches and veggie pies — is the first pub in London to acquire a nudist licence, letting you get bare with a beer (the staff who serve you might be in the buff too).

Recently, the vegan tearoom landlord, Alastair Choat, launched a Beauty and the Beasts calendar, which stars Coach and Horses regulars playing the piano, and sinking pints, while absolutely starkers.

Said Choat,

We were the first vegetarian pub in London and now we're the first pub with a nudist licence. We had to turn lots of people down due to the limitations of a calendar. However, It was a tough call so the calendar actually runs for 16 months not 12. At the heart of it the Coach is a community pub and this is just another example of creating new experiences for people.

Some highly inappropriate behaviour here. Doesn't she know there's been a smoking ban since 2007?

The calendar can be reserved by emailing All proceeds go to homeless charity St Mungo's.

All images © Coach and Horses/Alastair Choat

Last Updated 10 May 2019