Cornerstone: The Company Revolutionising Razors

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Cornerstone: The Company Revolutionising Razors

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If you've not yet heard of Cornerstone, the company changing the face of shaving in 2016, you are in for a treat. This recently launched, crowd-funded start up is providing a shaving revolution, updating the way in which we tackle facial hair.

In our current climate where being constantly busy is the norm, trying to make things as easy as possible for ourselves is key: this is where Cornerstone comes in.  Just as online food ordering completely altered the world's grocery shopping habits, Cornerstone is set to do the same with men's grooming.

From then on, customers can individualise their orders,  choosing how often they want a delivery of blades and products to arrive. Perhaps you'd like to get 6 blades, a shave gel and a face scrub every month? Or how about  some post-shave balm every 6 weeks? The options are endless, and can be changed whenever you'd like. Cornerstone is essentially an online shopping service providing razors, blades and various shaving products for men. The difference with this company, however, are the elements of personalisation involved: this all starts with a razor, which users get engraved with up to three letters.

Cornerstone's box deliveries are fully flexible and customisable - with their regular deliveries, remembering to put razor blades on the shopping list will be a thing of the past. The range of products on offer, from scrubs to gels, balms to creams, offers everything you could possibly need, and with the looming festive period, a Cornerstone package would also make a pretty good gift for the man in your life.

It's time to rethink shaving — check out Cornerstone, and you'll never go back.

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Last Updated 22 November 2016