Waterloo Commuters Enjoying Month Of Doing F**k All At Home

By Jordan Waite Last edited 15 months ago

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Waterloo Commuters Enjoying Month Of Doing F**k All At Home

Waterloo commuters are really enjoying their month doing fuck all at home, it has been revealed.

The news comes after Network Rail warned passengers that the £800m station improvement works during August were likely to cause severe disruption to journeys in and out of the capital. The company suggested that passengers should consider travelling outside of peak times, or even working from home.

One commuter, who did not wish to be named, has opted for the latter.

"I've been working from my living room. It's basically my home office," he said, adding that he's "nearly finished re-watching Breaking Bad" during his time off.

Whilst bosses have raised concerns over lack of productivity, defiant workers insist that as long as they send 'a couple of emails per day', their superiors are 'none-the-wiser'.

"Emailing my manager at 7pm shows that not only am I working from home, but I'm working hard after-hours, too," said another commuter, who later admitted to waking up at lunchtime after an all-night TV binge.

"I usually put 'urgent' in the subject line, to make it look like I'm really on top of things. But really, the only thing I've been on top of is the latest season of Game of Thrones", she added.

However, it is not only those working from home who are enjoying the new working arrangements.

Sarah, 32, said: "My co-workers do fuck all when they're in the office anyway. I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet."

Last Updated 22 August 2017