TfL Donates Lost Toys To Children For Christmas

Harry Rosehill
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TfL Donates Lost Toys To Children For Christmas
Photo: The Salvation Army

Thousands of items get lost each year across TfL services. From smaller items like hats and umbrellas, to misplaced rucksacks and even the latest smartphones, they all end up at the Baker Street office.

Among these things are many children's toys and games. For the eleventh year in a row, TfL is donating hundreds of toys to the Salvation Army as part of its Christmas Present Appeal. It aims to ensure that children who otherwise might not have, get presents that will make their Christmas.

How heartwarming.

Some of the gifts they're giving away. © Transport for London

Lost a game of Twister or a cuddly toy on the tube recently? Don't worry — they only give away things that remain unclaimed after three months.

We envy the kid that gets their hands on this guy. © Transport for London

Take a look what happened when Londonist visited TfL's lost property office:

Last Updated 06 December 2017