This Wimbledon Pub Is Serving Free Christmas Dinners To Anyone Facing Xmas Alone

This Wimbledon Pub Is Serving Free Christmas Dinners To Anyone Facing Xmas Alone
folks enjoying their christmas dinner, wearing silly hats and a rudolph mask
The Alexandra's free Christmas dinners mean so much to people.

Forget the switching on of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, or the unveiling of Harrods' festive window.

The REAL meaning of Christmas can be found at one pub in Wimbledon, which is offering a free Christmas dinner to anyone facing a 25 December on their own.

'The Alex', as it's affectionately known, is a boozer with a heart, which hosts community initiatives throughout the year. But it's become famed for its free Christmas Day dinners, offered to anyone who would otherwise be spending the big day without anyone else.

As well as a free three-course dinner, there's free booze, and sometimes free pressies too.

As The Alex says: "Ah, but what do you mean "FREE"? Well what we mean is, you don't have to pay, to tell the truth you can't pay because we won't take your money. FREE means FREE, I can't get any clearer than that."

How does it work? There are no bookings; people should just show up at the SW19 pub between 12pm-3pm on Christmas Day. No need to live locally. No need to register anything anywhere. You just have to be on your own.

Over to The Alex again: "Essentially what we try and do is make it so simple, so inviting, that anyone who otherwise would have been on their own on Christmas day thinks 'Oh bugger it, I'll give it a go'. There's absolutely loads of people who are on their own on that day for a billion different reasons, if you happen to be one of them just come to us. We'll sit you on tables of four, six, eight or whatever of folks just like you.

"So please, if you're going to be on your own, don't be. Come here and have a right good laugh, it'll warm the cockles of your heart."

Folks cheersing in a Christmasy Alexandra
The true meaning of Christmas.

The tradition started up in 2014, but the team was gutted last year when coronavirus meant they were unable to go through with it. It's heartwarming to have this most Christmasy of events back once again.

If you'd like to volunteer or donate to the cause, The Alex is on Twitter as @TheAlexSW19 or email

The Alexandra, 33 Wimbledon Hill Road, SW19 7NE

Last Updated 17 November 2021