Booze Delivered To Your Door In 30 Minutes? Check Out KOL

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Booze Delivered To Your Door In 30 Minutes? Check Out KOL

This is a sponsored article on behalf of KOL.

When money-saving is on the agenda, or PJs are way more appealing than hitting the town, a night in is not to be sniffed at. Now, your Deliveroo and duvet combo just got a whole lot better thanks to KOL, the app that delivers drinks to your door in under 30 minutes — and there's even a tenner off for Londonist readers.

Netflix is ready, your takeaway is en-route, but you're missing a much-needed glass of vino to round off the evening. When getting dressed and hitting the cornershop is way too much effort, KOL is here to save the day.

Offering a hand-picked selection of beers, wines and spirits, KOL is ready to shake up your night in. This is the Deliveroo of the drinks world —  on hand to help at those times when the off-licence is mysteriously closed, the party supplies suddenly run dry, or the rain and cold is too much to face.

Better still, KOL delivers until 5am, so whenever your booze craving hits, there'll be a satisfying cure in under an hour. This is not necessarily good news for the liver, but definitely is for the purse-strings — KOL is far cheaper than a central London club.

Quality is also top-notch — the selection changes regularly and is chosen by people who really know their single malt from their cask-aged. This may all sound too good to be true but it's not — provided you need your booze in central. At the moment, KOL only delivers within zone 1.

As soon as they get properly off the ground, though, KOL aims to spread far and wide. So choose your booze, and get ready for a night to remember, minus the pricey taxi home. Use code LONDONIST to get £10 off your first order.

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Last Updated 10 May 2017