Literary Footprints 2024: Walking Tours Around Literary London

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Last Updated 02 February 2024

Literary Footprints 2024: Walking Tours Around Literary London
Footprints of London literary walks

If you love (a) books, and (b) exploring London, then Literary Footprints 2024 is the festival for you.

Each year, the guides at Footprints of London put together a series of guided walks themed around literature. Some are virtual tours, for those who can't make it into the centre, but most are physical on-the-ground walks through the city.

This year's festival runs throughout March and includes some 50 different events.

You might choose to retrace the route of Mrs Dalloway's day from the eponymous novel. Maybe you'd like to track down the historical sites from Wolf Hall. Or perhaps Rumpole of the Bailey is more your thing. All have dedicated walks, along with plenty of Dickens and Shakespeare action.

Some books, recently.

There are also tours that take the theme more broadly, such as a walk exploring female flaneurs (like Virginia Woolf) who would walk the streets seeking inspiration, and an eye-catching tour of sites connected with London's destruction in literature. Non-fiction is also well covered, with walks dedicated to Ignatius Sancho, Peter Ackroyd and Ian Nairn, among others.

Full details can be found on the Footprints of London eventbrite pages.