Binge Watching London: New Book Reveals Capital's TV Secrets

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Binge Watching London: New Book Reveals Capital's TV Secrets

Any number of books have charted London's literary and movie locations. Isn't it about time that on-demand TV — the medium of the moment — got its own book?

Step forward Binge Watching London by Marion Miclet. This richly illustrated tome explores the London of your telebox, tracking down settings from hit series while discussing the wider historical and cultural interest of that location.

The book is divided into themed sections like Royal London, Gothic London, futuristic London and rom-com London. Each comes with a map showing key locations, also available online in interactive form.

This is a book very much rooted in our modern 'golden age' of television. Its focus is on 21st century treasures like The Crown, Fleabag, Killing Eve, Black Mirror, Luther, The Thick of It, Call the Midwife, Doctor Who (2.0), and so on. While older shows are name-checked here and there for historical context, you'll find that Minder and Dixon of Dock Green play second fiddle to the likes of Sherlock.

This tilt to the modern adds freshness and zing. Miclet seems often to write about a scene we watched only a few weeks ago. The obvious downside is that the book will date all the quicker, as new 'instant classics' emerge. Such is the pace of modern drama that a second edition will be needed before the year is out. (May the publisher use the opportunity to find room for an index?)

Miclet writes in a chatty, personable tone with an infectious passion for the subject. It's a breathtaking ride, and an essential purchase for anyone who enjoys deep immersion in a boxset drama (which is to say, all of us).

Binge Watching London by Marion Miclet is out now from Cernunnos. A companion volume for New York is also available.

Last Updated 09 September 2019