You Can Order Espresso Martini By The Five Litre Keg Now

By Lydia Manch Last edited 14 months ago
You Can Order Espresso Martini By The Five Litre Keg Now

As London revs up for the long-promised post-pandemic Roaring Twenties, one drinks delivery service has reviewed their offering and decided it needs to be roughly 33 times as OTT.

Enter the five litre espresso martini delivery service — 33 servings, in a format they call a party keg, and we call a little barrel of liquid chaos. Desocialised as most of us are after 5bn years of isolation, the one thing guaranteed to inject a frisson of Thunderdome into your first party in months has to be ready access to 30+ shots of coffee and 30+ shots of vodka.

On the other hand — there's no denying the swagger of turning up to a picnic with a nonchalant keg of martini hoisted on your shoulder, and we do note that the contents keep for a month, and you're not actually obliged to storm through it in one BBQ.

Liberation Cocktails also deliver their Strawberry Daiquiri and Gin Garden cocktails by the barrel, and all of their drinks by the more gentle bottle or single serving can.

NB Order in abundance if you like, but drink in moderation. There's nine more years of Roaring Twenties to get through, and there's no valour in going so hard straight out of the gate that you burn out in post-pandemic Month 1.

Liberation Cocktails deliver their pre-mixed options by the can, bottle, or 5 litre keg.

Last Updated 11 June 2021