8 Things That'll Happen In London When It Finally Rains

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8 Things That'll Happen In London When It Finally Rains

1. Finally, we can all complain about what a shit summer we're having

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2. The internet is flooded with a deluge of memes based on that Four Weddings scene...

3. TfL opens the world's first underground Butterfly Farm in one of its suddenly steamy carriages

4. The Royal Parks go bankrupt after placing the biggest order of new grass seed in history

5. All over London, the words 'Thank f*ck' ring out in unison, but this place shouts the loudest

6. The return of this site-specific installation at Tate Modern's new extension

7. The Evening Standard publishes three articles about Rita Ora's new wellies

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7. St Swithun's looking pretty smug with himself after predicting all this 40 days ago

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8. Staff writers at Londonist rejoice, having exhausted every conceivable idea for features about the heatwave.

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Last Updated 25 July 2018