Every (Inner) Journey Matters: Mindfulness Carriages Launch On The DLR

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Last Updated 15 October 2021

Every (Inner) Journey Matters: Mindfulness Carriages Launch On The DLR
Image by Inner Journey.

Twelve new mindfulness carriages are running across the DLR network, aiming to bring some inner peace to your commute.

The Inner Journey initiative is a collab between charity Youmanity, KeolisAmey Docklands (KAD), operators of the DLR, and Brain Recharge, a meditation app.

The twelve modified carriages have sections of wall and ceilings printed with scenes from nature — you know, green rolling hills, woodlands, mountains, sunny skies — and signs with invitations to Pause, Relax, and Reconnect. Passengers can download the Brain Recharge app for free meditation tracks to help with all three of those, and three DLR stations (Tower Gateway, Canary Wharf, Woolwich Arsenal) have designated meditation corners, with greenery, images of nature, and calming colours.

Dan Barrett, director of mental wellbeing movement Thrive LDN, says, 'The Inner Journey initiative is a great way of reminding Londoners that even a small pause, some breathing space, can start the journey to feeling calmer and more resilient.'

The carriages will be running across the entire DLR network, and the meditation corners will be at the stations for a minimum of six months.