Londonist's Most Read Articles From 2017

Harry Rosehill
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Londonist's Most Read Articles From 2017

The end of another year, a time to reflect upon the past. Here are our ten most read articles published in 2017.

Neasden Temple. Photo: Andrea Pucci

10. The Londoners Who Sell Drugs Online

Hmmm, wonder what people were googling to find this article? However you found it, it's a fascinating look into the illegal side of our society that hides itself in plain sight. Also it's got a friendly neighbourhood drug dealer in it, who's particularly amusing.

9. London's Most Underrated Day Trips

People are always searching for unique days out in London, so we listed off a few of our favourites you might not have thought of. Your options include visiting Neasden Temple then onto vibrant Southall, and a historic lido followed by the Battle of Britain bunker. What are you waiting for?

8. 6 Things That'll Happen When Ikea Opens In Greenwich

A mock up of what the new Ikea could look like. It won't, but anyway

In which we poke fun at what lies ahead for Greenwich when Ikea comes to town. Flat pack boat building and Greenwich Ikea replacing Hampton Court Palace both make our tongue-in-cheek list.

7. Eurostar To Run Direct Trains To Amsterdam Later This Year

Does-what-it-says-on-the-tin. Still, people were obviously hyped at the thought of this. And guess what? It happened.

6. Where To Travel On The Tube For Free

The one and only video on this list. Miserly Londoners loved the fact that there's a small section of the tube where we can travel for free. Only problem is that it's out in... well, watch the video to find out.

5. London's Best All-You-Can-Eat

Following on from that last article, another case of us Londoners loving a good deal. Here's our guide to London's best all-you-can-eat restaurants. Remember: if you don't eat the equivalent of your own body weight three times over, you're doing it wrong.

4. Where In London Can You Afford To Rent On Your Own

Bemoaning how expensive London is to live in is very very very popular. So it's not a surprise to see this article was such a hit, where we break down some of the more, and less, affordable places to rent solo.

3. Getting Slippery With Strangers On A Plastic Sheet: Londonist Goes To Liquid Love

Our brave reporter Samantha Rea went down to Liquid Love — effectively someone's flat where people get naked, covered in oil and rub on top of each other on a plastic sheet. Yeah.

2. Where To Be Properly Debauched In London

The Dungeon Room at AbFabParties

The third article on this list that examines the underbelly of London society. So for those wanting to get properly debauched — the difference between a proper and non-proper debauching is a debate for another time — look no further.

1. 11 Memes That Sum Up Life On The Tube

Look, when you're shoved up against six different sweaty people on a packed Central line tube, memes might be your only source of comfort. Ahh precious memes. You'll make the pain go away.

Last Updated 21 December 2017