11 Of London's Prettiest Staircases

By Daan Deol Last edited 25 months ago
11 Of London's Prettiest Staircases

Spiralling, grand, minimalist... London's home to many heavenly staircases. How many of these have you been up/down?


The Heal's staircase. Photo: Theunis Vilijoen

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

The staircase at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Photo: Daniel

This staircase famously featured in the Spice Girls' music video for Wannabe.

Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House

The Courtauld Gallery. Photo: Martin Turner

London City Hall

London's City Hall. Photo: World of Tim

Tate Britain

Spiral Staircase at the Tate Britain. Photo: Darrell Godliman

During its refurbishment, Tate Britain installed a brand new sweeping spiral staircase leading from its main entrance down to the café and restaurants.

St. James Theatre

Marble Staircase at St. James Theatre. Photo: St. James Theatre

St. James Theatre's minimalist staircase is made from a single block of marble.

The Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection. Photo: Sean Batten.

Kensington Palace

King's Stairs, Kensington Palace. Photo: Matt Brown

William Kent's staircase brings to life the court of George I. The vivid mural replaced plain wood panelling installed by Christopher Wren. Kent was paid the handsome fee of £500 for this work.

The Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Photo: Vanessa Here and Now

Queen's House

Tulip Stairs, Queen's House. Photo: Daniel

The Tulip Stairs are one of the Queen's House's original features. Designed by Inigo Jones, England's first notable architect, the staircase was Britain's first geometric self-supporting spiral stair. It's now thought the 'tulips' are in fact fleur de lis.

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason spiral staircase. Photo: David Bank

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