London's Getting The World's Largest Udon Restaurant

London's Getting The World's Largest Udon Restaurant
Image: Marugame Udon.

Japanese mega-chain Marugame Udon has announced it will be bringing the world's largest udon restaurant to London this July.

With more than 1000 restaurants in Japan already, the Japanese mega-chain's confirmed London for their first European space — a 100-cover, 4000 square foot behemoth near Spitalfields.

The restaurant will loosely pull in some elements of a traditional Kagawa-style udon kitchen, including the kama (udon boiler) taking centre stage, with customers able to watch the udon being made by hand.

With Marugame Udon planning a European expansion, there's no telling how long London will get to hang on to its Largest Udon Restaurant flex. But there are other London-specific hooks — including nearly a third of the menu being made up of newly-developed vegan dishes, and a drinks menu starring Kanpai, London's only sake brewery.

Marugame Udon, 1 Widegate Street, E1 7ES.

Last Updated 04 April 2021