Live Somewhere Posh By Mispronouncing It

By M@ Last edited 20 months ago
Live Somewhere Posh By Mispronouncing It

Is your part of London not gentrifying fast enough? No problem. Simply bend the pronunciation and, Beau's-your-uncle, you're living among the privileged classes.

Arqueton = Acton

Barm = Balham

Brough = Borough

Cannington = Canning Town

Clarm = Clapham

Coll-ee-yay Wood = Colliers Wood

Dar-jen-um = Dagenham

Eham = East Ham

Hah-roh = Harrow

Pon-gé = Penge

Somerston = Somers Town

St Anmore = Stanmore

St Ockwell = Stockwell

St Ratford = Stratford

St Reatham = Streatham

Surrey d'Oc = Surrey Docks

Ville d'argent = Silvertown

Wheat-chapelle = Whitechapel

Alternatively, you could simply append the word 'Village' or 'Quarter' to your local area, and you'll see an overnight trebling of property values. This is how we get such abominations as Portman Village, London Bridge Quarter or, heaven forfend, Midtown. More on that tactic here.

With thanks to Philip Beale for the suggestion.

Last Updated 09 June 2017