A Virtual Shooting Range Comes To The City

By Lydia Manch Last edited 12 months ago
A Virtual Shooting Range Comes To The City
Image by Clay's, Moorgate.

Things change fast in the time of coronavirus. Check on venue websites and social media ahead of visiting for the most up-to-date details.

Just when you thought London already had every flavour of activity bar going, along comes Clay's.

A virtual clay target shooting bar, it sort of fills the vacuum left by Mac & Wild's Devonshire Square basement bar closing. But where Mac & Wild's was designed as a hunting trip, with some disturbing moments along the way — the piglets were virtual, but riddling them with pretend bullets still felt Real Bad — Clay's is virtual clay targets only, themed along escape-to-your-country-estate, landed-gentry lines.

Drinks are okayish prices (* for the City, * considering you're a captive audience), with cocktails at about £10, pints at £6 or less, and a nice range of whisky. Food's good, carb-heavy, and designed at being easy to cram in with one hand in between shots, but on the very steep side (£8.50 sausage rolls, we're looking at you).

Each booth has a huge 4K screen, a few rifles, and a range of collaborative and head-to-head game settings. Our favourite: the Bonanza, where the clays veer wildly around the screen, and let you smash down another player's points total by hitting occasional trick targets — a game where the low-skilled and treacherous (us) can power to the top of the leaderboard in one lucky shot.

Tl;dr? Games are fast and idiot-proof, new shooters can still level up fairly quickly, and you can cram a lot of glory and bonding moments into a 90-minute session.

Clay's Bar, Moorgate. Off peak prices are £40 per group for 90 minutes.

Last Updated 21 December 2021

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