Is This London's Smallest Escalator?

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Is This London's Smallest Escalator?

It's no secret that Angel tube station has London's longest escalator, but what about the smallest?

We've found a possible candidate.

The shortest escalator in London?

This Lilliputian stair can be found in Victoria Station; specifically, the new-look Victoria Place shopping mall.

Head in through the Eccleston Bridge entrance, to the south of the station, and you'll encounter the pint-sized platform. A couple of upwardly-minded strides, and you've reached the top.

Now, you're no doubt ready to interject at this point, to say 'It might be small, but it's a godsend to anyone with a buggy or luggage'. Not so fast. The escalator carries signs forbidding the use of any of these. A separate lift-thing is provided nearby for visitors with those needs, and for those in wheelchairs. (As if anyone with a wheelie-case is going to bother.)

Is this London's shortest escalator, then? We've not seen anything more compact, though we do hear rumours of a still-more-stunted example in the ground floor of Harrods. Let us know.

Last Updated 15 March 2019