Is This London's Longest Street Name?

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Is This London's Longest Street Name?

Wandering through the West End, we recently stumbled on this street name. Punchy it ain't.

As if you couldn't guess from the words, St Martin-in-the-Fields Church Path is a path that runs alongside St Martin-in-the-Fields church, near Trafalgar Square.

The name is so long that, when we put it out on twitter, someone accused us of photoshopping the image. It does, after all, have a suspicious attitude to hyphens.

Neatly, this epic name brushes up against what must be one of London's shortest. The street known officially as 'Strand' is just round the corner. Meanwhile, Of Alley once added an air of eccentricity nearby.

But is it London's longest street name? Previously, we'd believed that Stoke Newington Church Street was the champ, with 29 characters. But SMITFCP trounces it with 36 characters, including spaces and hyphens. It's even longer than Sutton-Under-Whitestonecliffe, which is often regarded as the longest place name in England.

We know of no way to check for longer appellations without scanning every page of the A-Z index. So, we're declaring this London's longest street name, unless you know better. And are there any other street signs that spill over onto three lines?

Last Updated 25 February 2022