Best Of Londonist: 7 May 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

The Ugliest Buildings in Central London

Anything to add?

This Is What London Looked Like in 1986

Including what a Travelcard used to look like.

Fascinating Photos of London in 1928

Sheep on the loose in Aldwych.

This Is What London Looked Like in 1992

A newly built One Canada Square

What Happens to Retired Tube Trains?

A few of them cling on to London

Fascinating Photos of London in 1910

Football in the Tower of London moat

London's Best Restaurants for People-Watching

Want to watch the world go by?

Which Film Showed Tower Bridge in the 18th Century?

A tube station in Dublin?

Where to See Peregrine Falcons in London

One might be eyeing you up right now...

Here's What Brick Lane Used to Look Like

From the 1900s to the present day.

"I've Been Shopping!". How Do You Reply to That?

We've all been here

Ever Visited Westminster's Jewel Tower?

The ultimate hidden gem.

Gluten-Free Comfort Food: We've Got London's Best

Bring on the brownies...

My Life as a Deliveroo Cyclist

"There's no sense of loyalty or respect for the company".

9 Things You Might Not Have Done in Tate Modern

Including how to put your own art on the wall

What's It Like Being a 21st Century Shoeshiner?

Take a look at our before and after pics

The Londoners Who Get Pregnant Online

"I'm sure you will get pregnant on my first ejaculation inside your vagina"

Think You Know Your Bridges? Test Yourself With This Map

By our count there are 35.

Got a Gold Card? Are You Making the Most of Your London 2for1s?

We reckon the info could be a bit clearer.

Mapped: Scoot Times Between Tube Stations

If you're so inclined.

Station Pubs: Victoria's Beer House

We're reviewing all the station pubs. Here's the verdict on Victoria's Beer House

How Holland Park Ended Up With Two Japanese Gardens

One of London's least-secret 'secret' gardens

11 Fun Facts About the London Palladium

Including an unexploded bomb.

Photos of London's Urban Dirt Bikers

Pulling off incredible stunts

London's Best Buffalo Wings

Wipes at the ready.

A Brick-Coloured Map of Brick Lane

Ever been to Emin International?

How Friendly Fire First Occurred in Barnet

A literal fog of war.

A Rare Chance to Get Up Close to the Prettiest Part of Greenwich

Part of a two-year conservation project.

Always Out in London? We're Looking for You...

Something to show us?

Head to Vauxhall for Stories of Immigration

Time to explore Vauxhall.

Some Lucky People Are Getting to Sleep in the London Eye

But what about the toilet situation?

Fewer Londoners Are Earning London Living Wage

Things have gone downhill since 2008...

London's Best New Food and Drink Openings in May

Be the first

Budget-Friendly London Events This Week: 8-14 May 2017

Punch and Judy take over Covent Garden.

London's Buses to Get Tube-Style Colour-Coding for Routes

Sadiq's attempt at simplifying things.

A Guide to May 2017 Beer Festivals

We'll raise a glass to that

Review: Jude Law Lays Down a Steamy Masterclass

Movie star comes to Barbican.

See a Polar Bear Dancing in a Shop Window

Madness in Mayfair.

Review: An American in Paris

Who could ask for anything more?

Theatre Review: A Look Inside the Corrupting City

This revival of The Treatment is especially poignant today.

Food Review: A Space-Themed Supper Club With B-Movie Menace

Mars via Haggerston.

Art Review: Powerful Propaganda at the British Library

Well red.