Best Of Londonist: 5 February 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

7 of London's Best All-You-Can-Eats


Been Down Any of These Hidden Passageways?

Breathe in.

Solving the Mystery of London's Overhead Bridges - Including One Built for Dancers

Look up.

Typos, Spelling Mistakes and Insults: London's Shop Signs

Including shepes pie, cips and bums...

Why Does London Have So Many Circuses That Have Nothing to Do With Clowns?

It's all lies.

See What London Looked Like in 1985 in These Photos

Piccadilly Circus hasn't changed much

Fascinating Photos Show What London Looked Like in 1989

From markets to record shops.

The Mock Tudor Social Housing Estate

Queen Victoria even visited it.

London's Newest Skyscraper Is Three-Pronged 'Claw'

Pimped peninsular.

The Best (And Worst) of Reddit London

Commuter woes and the odd massive Jeremy Clarkson head.

7 Secrets of the British Museum

We know the best loos.

A Map of Big Mac Meal Prices Across London

The pricing is all over the shop...

London's Most Unusual Eats

Weird, but good weird.

Photos of London in 1951

Ah for a time when hats were the norm...

Battersea Power Station Promenade Open for the First Time Since 1930s

Head to a spot on the cover of your 5th favourite Pink Floyd album

Brick Lane Station Doesn't Exist - but It Nearly Did

Trivia from around the area.

The Place in London Where You Literally Buy Stuff Off the Back of a Lorry

"If you say five, they say three. You say three, they say two."

Shhh These London Restaurants Are Offering Secret, Off Menu Dishes

For those in the know.

7 Things Trump Would Hate in London.

Did you know London has a statue of Trump? Read on...

Check Out Our Favourite Specialist Food Shops in London

Our faves

Why Is There a Quartet of Beavers on Top of This Oxford Street Shop?

A small but powerful reminder of the darker side of fashion

North London Housing Estate Covered in Street Art

Some really talented people did a cool thing

How These Posts on London's Outskirts Helped Build the City

"Next time you're taking on stroll on the fringes of your beloved city, look out for these posts, which helped to build it"

The Bagel Burger Has Arrived in London

It was only a matter of time.

Things You Might Not Know About Islington

Including the site of London's first gastropub.

How England's Richest Woman Started London's Prettiest Market

She was one of London's most generous philanthropists.

Our Pick of Regional Italian Restaurants in London

From Lombardy to Sardinia.

Things That Have Been Dug Up in London: A Brief History

Who knows what lies just beneath your feet...

Exclusive: Commuters Who Read While Walking Are Better Than Those Who Don't

Smartphones don't count.

How Much Would #Fictionalhomes Such as 221B Baker Street Cost in Real Life?

Dig deep, people.

Batman and Robin's London Holiday Snaps

"A caped crusader stand on a ledge, his cape flapping in the wind. He is 4cm tall, and made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene"

These Pieces of Plastic Are Messing Up the Thames

"On one Barnes clean-up, we found 150 wet wipes in just one square metre"

A Map of London's Grassroot Music Venues

The tides are turning.

London's Chicest Cocktails

From Dolce Vita negronis to underground Old Fashioneds.

In Pictures: Anti-Trump Rallies in London

"You daft racist".

Horse Racing Could Be Coming to Central London's Streets

Saving you the cost of booking a ticket all the way out to Ascot.

Have You Tried London's Best Pisco Sours?


10 Exhibitions to Look Forward to in February

Paolozzi to Pollock.

Kew's Great Gardens Exhibition Is Back

International Garden Photographer of the Year returns.

Beer Festivals in London This Month

A handful of beery events to wet your whistle.

Be Ahead of Your Mates by Reading This List of the Best New Restaurants Opening in February

Destination dining.

Free and Cheap London Events: 6-12 February 2017

Exhibitions, film screenings and much more

Average London Room Rents Have Fallen... Marginally

"Rents in the St Paul's postcode EC4 rose by 40%. Although, come on, who actually lives there, aside from the Lord Mayor of London?"

London's Parks Look Beautiful in These Sketches

Can you recognise all these parks?

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