Best Of Londonist: 3 September 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

"When the Balls Are Full, the Brain Is Empty" - Why Soho's Clip Joints Were So Successful

Affectionately known as 'near beers'.

How Many of These Historic Pubs Have You Been To?

It's not lunchtime drinking, it's cultural appreciation.

Duck Tours Are Closing Down

Company is losing access to slipway.

A Guide to London's 2017 Christmas Ice Rinks


Have You Been to London's Oldest Wine Shop? There's More to This Place Than First Meets the Eye

Walk down st James's Street, and you're walking over dusty bottles of priceless wine

Why Is TfL Running These Two Retired Tube Trains on the Piccadilly Line?

1973 stock to the rescue?

There's Now a Much Easier Way to Bag Yourself a Bargain at Selfridges

It's no ordinary charity shop.

The London Art Scene Is Back With a Bang in September

Plus festivals and art fairs.

Totally True Facts From Victorian London

Silly things from our Victorian past.

Cheap Things to Do in London This Week

Garden parties, film screenings and more

London's Best Sports Bars

Did we get your favourite?

London Bars That'll Make You Say 'Wow'

Out for a drink tonight? You'll want to visit one of these beautiful bars

London's Best Food and Drink Openings in September

The hottest tables...

In Photos: London's Most Stunning Sunsets


In Pictures: Dare You Attempt These London Food Challenges?

That's a lot of food.

Hear Why Londoner Shaun Attwood Once Faced a 200 Year Prison Sentence

One of his rivals was a notorious Mafia member.

Check Out the Views From These London Apartments

Can you see yourself living here?

All the London Train Company Logos: Bitchily Critiqued

Bad branding.... and a couple of goodies.

Londonist Has Been Loving These 10 Restaurants

Best of the best.

London Is Being Haunted by the Trivago Woman

Why won't she just bugger off to Amsterdam?

Ever Been to This West London Park?

One of our faves.

See the Side of London You Never Really Think About

Behind the scenes.

Meet the Band That's Been Entertaining Commuters for Nearly 100 Years

Always on the lookout for new members.

Art on the Tube That Looks Dull but Hides a Story

Is this the most ignored piece of art in the world?

Britain's Worst Public Transport Disaster Happened in Woolwich

A historic disaster you've probably never heard of

5 London Mascots, Rated Best to Worst

The facts behind the fuzziness.

Travel Is Getting More Expensive - but @Commuterclub Has a Solution

Outsmart the fare rise with CommuterClub

London's Best Aperitivo Hours

Start the evening right.

Ripping Out the Bar: New Film Looks at London's Dying Pubs

A quarter of pubs have gone since 2001.

Where to Eat Bugs in London

Six-legged alternative protein sources

Immerse Yourself in London's First Virtual Reality Gaming Suite at Hollywood Bowl at the O2

Calling all gaming pros

Can You Figure Out How to Sit on These Benches?

Style over comfort.

Love Alice in Wonderland? You've Got to Try This Afternoon Tea

You'd be mad as a hatter to pass up this opportunity

7 Female Writers Who Broke the Rules for London

How many of these London novels have your read?

Check Out the Bikes Making a Difference

A little-known London charity project

7 VR Experiences We Don't Want to See in London

Got a worse idea for one?

TfL Set to Make an Extra £45M a Year in Parking Fines

All in the name of improving road safety.

Watch a London Busker's Unique Cover of Britney's Toxic

A fresh look at some pop perfection

Brand New South Western Train Franchise May Already Have a Strike on Its Hands

That didn't take long.

Christmas Shopping Events in London

For crafts, food, drink and more.