Best Of Londonist: 27 August 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up, this week sponsored by Quipup.

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Most Annoying Tube Trait? This

20 really annoying traits

Have You Ever Had a Hot Tug on a Canal?

Have a tug and a bath at Regent's Canal

Are These the 500 Best Pubs in London?

Looking to hire a pub function room, or for dog-friendly pubs? Try this

7 Russian Restaurants You Need to Try in London

These 7 Russian restaurants need to be on your eats list pronto

Before Heading to Notting Hill, Listen to This Podcast

Did you know the first procession was led by a goat?

Regent Street, a 1929 Architect's Vision

A glimpse at a future that never was.

We've Rounded Up London's Best Bars With Counter Seating

Watch your mixologist.

In Photos: London's Best Stunts Caught on Camera

Did you spot any of these?

Guess Which Tube Line Londoners Hate the Most...

We're not surprised.

Will You Be the First to Spot One of These Adorable Royal Mail Vans?

Remind you of Postman Pat's van?

Read This Before You Order Your Next Pizza

Protect your wallet.

In Pictures: London's Best Beer Label Tributes

We like beer.

Seen What This Artist Has Done With London Landmarks?

Art imitating architecture.

In Pictures: The Futuristic London Buildings That Have Already Been Demolished

Ugly beasts or beautiful builds?

A Helicopter's View Over Central London

Really makes you appreciate Regent Street's curves

London's Double Decker Buses Are Being Exported to Mexico

Helping to solve Mexico's pollution problems.

A History of Fried Chicken in London

Sometimes the facts about fried chicken are a bit poultry

Seen the Floating Yodas in Trafalgar Square? Here Are the Men Behind the Masks

Their earnings per hour might shock you

Think Enfield Island Village Sounds Idyllic? It Has a Rather Violent History

An arms factory used to stand on this spot.

If You've Ever Vented Your Anger at a Traffic Warden, You Should Probably Read This

Is this the city's loneliest job?

Is the Nespresso Café Another Nail in Soho's Coffin?

“Nespresso cafés are soulless clones".

A DLR Pub Crawl Through the East End

A boozy trip along the original bit of DLR.

This Instagram Account Is Documenting London's Unusual Street Nameplates

Archaically quaint to the fantastically modern.

Half of This Medieval Village Could Soon Be Wiped Out

Don't waste time if you want to visit this village.

Kingston Upon Thames: Are You Sure It's in London?

Time to escape central London?

What to Buy the Woman Who Has Everything? Some Ideas Here

From live animals to a BAFTA.

The London Plaque That Needs a Good Edit

It's not quite the Albert Memorial, but this plaque is as bombastic as it gets.

The Public Was Asked: 'What Counts as a Long Tube Wait?'

Two minutes? Five? Ten?

Potterheads Are Loving Primark's New Look

Nothing bezoar about it.

These Young People Are Shaping the Future of London

What are you doing for your city?

London Property Prices Dropped £12K in August...But Don't Expect It to Last

Though Crossrail continues to push up prices.

Covent Garden's Chocoholic's Paradise

Head down to Covent Garden and learn the Italian art of chocolate making

What Is the Ceremony of the Constable's Dues?

There's rum involved.

This Man Has Turned Big Ben's Final Bongs Into a 17-Minute Track

Spiritual sounding tribute.

Think London's Skyline Looks Rubbish? This One Certainly Does

Quite pretty, for a load of garbage.

Food Review: Margot

Is this Covent Garden's most luxurious restaurant?

Acton's Circus Pub Will Be Reopen Soon

The show must go on.

This Street, Not Far From Old Street, Has Two Interesting Bits of History

And there's another bit of history below.

Productivity Plummets as Waterloo Commuters Enjoy Month of 'Working From Home'

"I've nearly finished re-watching Breaking Bad", one commuter claimed.

Is This London's Craziest Restaurant?

At this restaurant you can dine with an opera singer ON your table

5 Reasons You Should Visit St Paul's Cathedral

5 more reasons to visit St Paul's

Caribbean Sunshine and Cocktails

Sample saltfish fritters, lobster crayfish, and jerk mutton at Cottons in Shoreditch

Disruption at Waterloo Station Will Go on for Longer Than Planned

Upgrade works have been extended.

Alternative Hot Dogs

A fresh twist on a classic.

Theatre Review: Dylan Goes Theatrical

Girl From The North Country.