Best Of Londonist: 24 September 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

Nine London Street Signs That Will Make You Look Twice

There's a street (mis)named after Cinderella.

London's Best Food Challenges

Emerge sweaty and victorious.

London's Best Secret Gastropubs

Did you know all of these?

Did You Know How Much It Costs if You Tap in and Out at the Same Station?

Ever happened to you?

Did You Know About the Cocktail Village Coming to London Next Month?

London Cocktail Week are building you an entire village

This Is the Bus I Catch to Escape the City

A few reasons to get out of the city

Free and Cheap London Events This Week: 25 September-1 October 2017

London doesn't have to be so expensive

The Time Jools Holland Suggested Building a Second Canary Wharf 'For Symmetry'

The yellow corduroy suit is on point.

Fashion and Photography Combine Absolutely Fabulously in a Old Courthouse

The place to be seen.

New Banksy Alert: Underneath the Barbican

Banksy takes shot at the Barbican with his latest piece

Ready for an East London Cocktail Crawl? London Cocktail Week Is Back!

We'll see you out there...

In Search of the Best Sandwich Known to Man

It's the kind of sandwich, where you're not sure whether the waiter is bringing it out, or it's bringing out the waiter

Check Out the Buildings Where History Is Still Being Written

Fancy afternoon tea at parliament?

Images From 1917 of Air Raids on London

Some startling stuff.

Did You Know London Has a Treadmill Ski Slope?

Something for a rainy day.

Played Around With Crossrail's Journey Planner Yet?

We know. It's sad. But we just can't wait.

Do You Know What These Maps Are Called, and What They're For?

Ridiculously helpful and we bet you didn't know their name

Buildings That 1980s Londoners Wanted Destroyed

Blots on the landscape.

Wonders of the Universe on Show in Greenwich

We never miss this one. Jaw-dropping stuff.

Guess Where the New Boxpark Is Going to Be?

London's harbinger of gentrification.

National Portrait Gallery Are Doing an Exhibition All About the King of Pop

Coinciding with what would have been his 60th birthday.

A Peek Inside Du Cane Court

Great little website, this.

Can You Name All 11 Tube Stations Named After Bridges?

Some you might not have realised.

Someone's Created a History of London in Lego... It's Something Quite Special

The plastic past.

Head to This Bar for a Selection of 50 Bourbons

American whiskies galore.

What a Load of Bollart Outside London Bridge

New public art alert.

Could One of These Be John Lewis' Christmas Ad 2017

Clues from the Christmas Market.

Competition: Win a Pair of Tickets to a Buffalo Trace Whiskey Masterclass

And you could be swigging for free.

Brexit, Buff Bodies and National Borders Are All Hot Topics at This Year's Arts & Humanities Festival

Brexit, borders, and buff bodies.

TfL Refuses to Renew Uber Licence

Licence won't be renewed.

How Does Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs Stack Up Against the Real Thing?

A loving homage?

In Pictures: LGBTQ London on Film

Surprising. Vibrant. Essential watching.

Here's a Pedestrian Crossing That Motorists Can't Fail to See

Why did the chicken cross the road? To check out this art installation

Explore Camden in a Time When the Good Mixer Was Centre of the Universe

Created by a super fan.

The Eclectic Genius of Basquiat at Barbican

This one's going to be very popular.

Jasper Johns Asks You to Take a Second Look at the Everyday

Fancy this blockbuster?

Check Out a 'Floating Olympic Park' at the Museum of London

Welcome to bonus levels.

Remembering London's Memory Man

Heartwarming stuff.

Vandalised Banksy Graffiti Is Heading Back to Hackney

Back where it belongs.

This Chinese Restaurant Serves Crispy Duck With a Difference

Order the sizzling lamb...

When Are the Piccadilly Circus Lights Being Switched Back On?

The place that always makes capitalism look amazing

Parliament Square Is Finally Getting a Female Statue

Long overdue.

Food Review: Not Veggie? You Might Be Once You've Eaten in Here

Uber's Lost Licence: How London Reacted

Where do you stand on this?

Review: If You Don't Get John Kearns, Then We Don't Get You

Look at those gnashers.

Brace Yourselves Commuters: Rail Walkouts Are Planned for Same Day as Tube Strike

October chaos?