Best Of Londonist: 23 April 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

Things No-One Tells You About London

Secret gardens and weird toilets.

This Is What London Looked Like in 1979

Maggie, Marvin and Liza Minelli.

Why Did London Lose Its (Original) Trams?

The Light Railway Transport League tried to save the trams.

The Forgotten Disaster on the Thames

Up to 30 killed.

Here's What London Looked Like in the 1920s

How much of it do you recognise?

In Pictures: London in 1926

Including fox hunting in Oxford Street

We've Compared a Map of 1862 London to Modern London, and It's Fascinating

Breweries, bridges, and the new Foreign Office.

London's Most Northerly Railway Station Isn't All That Popular

Continuing our countdown

Everything You Need to Know About London's Most Ornate River Crossing

Including that unique colour scheme.

Ballet, Bomb Damage and Bananas: Photos of London in 1946

Leicester Square, St Paul's, and other landmarks

London Bowling Alleys: Our Top 5

From posh cocktails to arcade paradise.

From Arctic Roll to Battenberg: London's Best Retro Desserts

Bring on the Arctic Roll...

London's Best Meat-Free Breakfasts

Including some vegan dishes

Fake News About London

Alternative facts to spread.

Play 'Count the Michelin Men' in This Incredible Restaurant

Claude Bosi at Bibendum

The Best Scotch Eggs in London

One for picnic season...

Prepare to Get Very Jealous of These Photos of Amazing London Penthouses

Check out those views.

London's Bars With the Best Booths

Looking for a cocoon for two?

Ever Explored the City's Raised Walkways? The Network Is Expanding...

We're walking in the air.

London 2022, as Foreseen in 1922

Electric cars, textspeak and onesies.

In Photos: Little Venice at Its Best

Down by the canal

Is There Still an Irish Enclave of London?

"Well, someone had to live here."

A Load of Einsteins Take the Tube

Bizarre marketing stunt.

What's London Like for a Refugee?

Escaping unsafe situations, chasing a dream.

Top Marks if You Can Name the 1990s TV Show This Machine Starred in Every Week

An iron life safer.

In Pictures: Beautiful Camden

It's surprisingly lovely.

This Book Explains London's History in 30-Second Chunks

London in short chunks.

These Photos Capture the Individuality of London Youth

This photographer decided to counteract the negative perception of London kids in the media

What's It Like Moving From the World's Smallest Countries to London?

Are Londoners really all unsociable workaholics?

Banks, Markets and Aquariums: Lost Buildings of London

Beautiful historic pictures

The Best in Photography, From Cute to Kitsch

A great exhibition recommendation

Get Ready for This Artist Takeover at the Museum of London

Art attack.

Did You Know There's a London Museum Dedicated to Freud?

Check out the Freud Museum.

A Guide to London's 2017 Outdoor Cinema Events

Luna, Nomad and more.

Cheap Things to Do in London This Week: 24-30 April 2017

All £5 or less.

Cycling Festivals and Superhero Conventions at Olympia London

Check out what's on

Last Chance to Ride a 1980s Tube Train

Bye bye, D Stock.