Best Of Londonist: 22 October 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

What Will Happen When the Northern Line Is Extended? Probably None of This

After Crossrail, will Londoners think it's a bit meh?

Opinion: London's Older Generations Know Where the Real Party's At

Hot tub orgies and cinema break-ins

There Could Be Two New Overground Stations

Two new stations linked to the Elizabeth line have been planned

Did You Know That London Has a Waterbus?

The most peaceful few kilometres you'll ever travel in London

Road Signs: What They Mean in London

London's unique highway code.

Do You Know What Happened to Old DLR Trains?

Thinly disguised with yellow paint.

Why Visit Soho? Here's Why

"I feel it's the heart of London"

26 Things to Look Out for on Fleet Street

Some serious drunk has been done on this street

The Soviets Secretly Mapped London... And Made Some Glaring Errors

One spot is labelled 'Residence of the Queen and Prime Minister'... it's actually a theatre

The 7 Worst Jobs in Victorian London

Victorian London wasn't a great place to be poor

The Secret Tunnel Beneath Eros

Amazing photo looking down through the 'Eros' monument

Ever Been on This West London Ferry?

Did you know this existed?

What if London Is Just One Giant Game of SimCity?

Elon Musk thinks yes.

London's Ugly History With Acid Attacks

Known as vitriol back then.

The Best Bars for the Best Blues

Blues, bourbons and late nights

A Very Important Statue You Probably Never Noticed

This woman led an incredible life, but have you ever noticed her memorial?

Pop-Up Alert: Igloos by the Thames

Don't worry, it won't melt.

Open Your Mind to Surreal Worlds Inhabited by Tiny People

Conceptual art with a dose of fun

See the Winning Shots From This Year's Wildlife Photography of the Year

Hitch hiking lobster larva and an injured tiger.

Check Out These Helicopter Images of Battersea Power Station

A change is gonna come... actually it's already happening.

Win a Free City Lit Photography Course - Submit Your Best London Photo to Be in With a Chance

Capture night-time Tower Bridge in all its glory

We've Found the Perfect App for Networking in London

That next coffee meeting could be an important one

Expelliarmus! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Swoops Into the British Library

*Harry Potter klaxon*

Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig Team Up for Political Comedy Labour of Love

'Toeing' the party line.

The Diner's New Vegan and Veggie Menu: Reviewed

An impressive choice for London's vegans and veggies.

Ripley's Believe It or Not Has Closed, and We Can't Believe It

The curious emporium closes.

House Prices Have Skyrocketed Around Tube Stations Over 10 Years

Have you considered Croydon?

Food Review: Yolk

More than just eggs

Did Sweeney Todd Actually Exist?

Anyone in the mood for a pie now?

Have You Been to London's Golden Bakery?

Painted by Lucien Helle.

The Best Photos Taken in Yesterday's Saharan Sunlight

London went yellow, so everyone got their cameras out.

We Opened Up Tower Bridge... Here's What Happened

Those cyclists just can't wait to get going again.

Bake Off Winner Candice Brown Has Launched Her Own Afternoon Tea

Sweet and savoury treats with a twist.

This Van Serves Up Wood Fired Pizza in Just 6 Minutes

Grab a slice of Napoli this Saturday.

Whiskey Meets Rollercoaster at This Cocktail Bar

Like your liquor dizzy?

The Social Enterprise Off Brick Lane That Makes Incredible Food

Even better than the real thing.

Veiled Women on Motorbikes in Chic Street Photography

Oozes style.

Islington Council Has Launched a Not for Profit Energy Company

Tempted to switch?

This Slick Production of Albion Doesn't Really Go Anywhere

Set in the neglected landscaped garden of a country house.

You Can Bring Your Dog to This Yoga Class

Stretch with your pooch.

Party Up Front, Party in the Back in Hair

They're doing a clothing optional performance...

Has This North London Pub Been Salvaged by a Roast Dinner?

People behind Happiness Forgets head to Tufnell Park.

TfL Are Trialing a New Screen That Shows How Busy Trains Are

How busy?!

Theatre Review: The Lie at Menier Chocolate Factory

Already seen The Truth? Looks like Zeller wrote the same play again.